Time for a Phone Clean Out?

We always hear about cleaning out the pantry, the office or the kitchen, but what about cleaning out your phone?  I’m talking about the apps you have on your phone.

When’s the last time you cleaned out your phone?

Probably not in a very long time.  I was there and felt very overwhelmed.  I figured out a way to simplify the process.

Start by looking at your apps and asking yourself these three questions:

  1. What apps do I use every day?
  2. What apps do I use a few times a week?
  3. What apps have I not used in the past two months?

This might take some time to figure out.  Take a week and pay attention to what apps you actual use.

You may use your email, social media apps, Google, the weather and a few more every day.

The apps you use a few times a week but not every day may be harder to determine.  It could be the GPS, a few shopping apps and your music.

The apps you haven’t used in a few months is even harder to identify.  These are the apps on your phone that you rarely use but are helpful when you need them.  These apps you might lik but if you havn’t used them in more than a few months you have to make a choice – keep them or get rid of them.  Even if it’s just for now.

It’s not necessarily about how many apps you have.

It’s more about how you organize and use them.  Split up your screens to make it easier on yourself.  Screen 1 are the apps you use every day, Screen 2 are the apps you use at least a few times a week and Screen 3 are the apps you use but not very often.  Here is what mine looks like:

Overall, this process can take a few hours to about a week.  Take it nice and slow, review the apps, review your behavior and then make changes.  At the end of this process, you’ll create a simplified version of your phone that will work for you, your life and maybe even create some new habits.

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