Ever thought of making a change but stopped? Why?? Maybe you’re scared or nervous or maybe it’s not the right time. That, my friends, is called managing the pivot. Continue Reading

Dealing with change is hard. Like, really hard. Think back over the past year. How many changes did you go through? We had to deal with a pandemic, which ultimately meant lost businesses, maybe lost employment and even lost lives. These are really challenging, hard changes that were mostly outContinue Reading

Have you ever said this statement to yourself before?  I have and after a lot of thought, I’m able to finish the sentence.  I was healthier when I worked closer to home. It doesn’t sound like the most profound statement, but it’s true.  I’ve noticed over the past few yearsContinue Reading

My husband and I decided to go to Bushkills Falls in Pennsylvania. We both love hiking and thought it would be a perfect thing to do.  We had never been there before but my husband’s boss said “Go right, there’s less stairs.”  Well, as we’re always up for a challenge,Continue Reading