My Favorite Things – Holiday Edition

For some, this time of year is fun and exciting. For others, it’s stressful. One of the big reasons people get stressed or feel anxious during the holidays is because they overthink the gifts they get for people. If you’ve been following me for some time, you know that I am one of those people that feels the anxiety every holiday season. Listen, I’m not the best gift giver and as a result, I’m always worried about getting the perfect gift.

To help you (and people like me), I put together a list of gift ideas for the people in your life. My hope is that this list either sparks some creativity and helps you brainstorm your own list of gift ideas or saves you time shopping.

Gifts for Mom

  • Simplified Planner – This planner is a simple, yet beautiful planner that can help the busy mom get her sh*t together. The Daily Planner is my go-to because it has a place to put all the appointments on calendar, a section for all her To Dos and even a note sections where she can doodle, brainstorm or put important reminders. Use this link and you’ll get $10 off when you enter your email.
  • Memory Book – What mom doesn’t love photos, right? A memory book of photos from the previous year helps bring back memories, times together and feelings that will make mom smile for years to come. You can make these using a combination of photos and quotes that hold meaning for you and your mom. Check out website like Shutterfly or Snapfish that allow you to upload the pictures and get really creative with your designs.

Gifts for Dad

  • For the Brainiac – If you have a dad that loves to learn or read or even just keep his mind active, then you might have a dad that likes to do crossword puzzles. I found this crossword puzzle book that looks gorgeous and has 100 puzzles from the New York Times.
  • For the Coffee Lover – Coffee is everything for some people and for many dads, it’s what gives them life in the morning. When coffee is everything, a great to-go cup can be a great gift. I love the YETI Rambler 14oz. Mug because it can be used for those hot coffees or for cooler beverages in the Summer.
  • For any Dad – Being cozy is one of those small joys in life. Slippers to many equal cozy. That’s why moccasin slippers are on my list for dad. If he lives in a home with hardwood floors, putting your feet on them in the mornings can be chilly during the winter months. And if the slippers have a textured sole, they’re even better.

For the Best Friend

I only have one gift idea for the best friends out there because everyone is so unique. Despite that, this idea is one I’m madly in love with. It’s a Long Distance Friendship Lamp. Whether you’re across town from your best friend or across the country, this lamp helps you both remember each other. With a simple touch of your hand, your lamp lights up and its mate emits the same ambient glow. I’m obsessed with this gift because it’s so special for you and your friend.

For Your Spouse

What can you get for someone that has everything? What about someone that says they don’t need anything? Instead of getting a physical gift, an experience or a memory could be the next best thing. If you have a significant other, a weekend getaway is one of my favorite experiences. You can check out a new city, do a fun activity like hiking or even just cozy up together by a fire. Using AirBnB to find the place for your next big adventure is my recommendation! You can rent a house, with all the amenities and sometimes it’s even less expensive than a hotel.

Two of my top pics for a weekend getaway are

For Your Boss

Whether you get a gift for your boss or not, they play a big role in your life. Most bosses need to take notes or jot important thoughts down and this is why personalized stationary is my top gift for those in a leadership position. I love personalized stationary because it serves a purpose but can also be customized for the recipient of the gift. Etsy is a great place to look for vendors that create these types of products. I love the idea of personalized sticky notes because they’re easy to access and small enough for those quick notes throughout the day.

For the Young Kids

All kids like to get toys as gifts. They come in a wide variety and can be purchased pretty much anywhere. The problem with toys is that they accumulate so quickly! Think of how many toys your kids (or family members) got last year?! I love toys, but I especially love ones that make a kid learn. KiwiCo is a company that makes toys that are deeply involved in scientific and art. Each one has a bit of crafting or building involved which makes the learning come naturally. You can get one box or a subscription and range in ages from infant to over age 16.

For Teens

Teens can be tough to shop for. They can be picky, fussy and maybe be in a phase where they don’t even want to participate. Teens are also at an age where they’re growing and learning to be adults but also want to have fun. That’s why I have two gift ideas for teens!

  • Big Life Journal – I found this journal while searching for myself and I immediately wish I had it when I was a kid. It’s a growth mindset journal meant to encourage teens to dream about their future. Who they want to be, where they want to go in life and how they want to showcase themselves. It’s easy to follow and has graphics intended for a younger audience, which makes it a great gift.
  • Throw Throw Burrito – If you don’t have a teen that would do some personal growth work, then why not get a fun game that gets them thinking and gets them moving! Throw Throw Burrito is a card game that involves dodgeball. It can be played inside, where nothing can be broken, or outside during the summer and is incredibly fun.

For First-Time Drivers

This recipient always sticks out in my head because we have had a few first-time drivers in our lifetime. What I love about this recipient is that they’re so green and always think they’re prepared, when in reality they’re not. That’s why they need a “Breakdown Kit”. This is exactly what it sounds like – all the things they might need in the event the driver breaks down. Here’s a few items you might want to include:

  • Blanket, Hat and Gloves
  • Jumper Cables
  • First Aid Kit
  • Gas Card
  • Cell Phone Charger
  • Flashlight
  • Fix-a-Flat
  • AAA membership

This is something you’ll need to put together yourself, and the list of items could change depending on the driver.

For Service Workers

These individuals are not part of our family, but they do so much for us and the world around us. That’s why I’ve included them in this list. There are two in particular that I want to make note of – delivery drivers and hair stylists.

The delivery drivers are out there, day and night, and are getting us our packages for all the things we order. And since most of them drive in a truck without heat, hand and feet warmers are idea. They’ll keep their extremities warm and make the drive just a tad bit more comfortable. Throw in a gift card to the local coffee shop and the gift is even sweeter.

For the hair stylists, restaurant gift cards seem to be the go-to gift. But why not get them something more sensible. A gift card to the shop they get their supplies will help them save money on the products they need to do their job and ultimately help them continue to help you. Another gift idea is shoe insert. Since they’re on their feet the majority of the day, Alice Bow shoe inserts are ideal! They’re inserts made in the UK and the same ones Kate Middleton uses to help her wear her heels all day long.

Now if these ideas don’t seem to fit the people in you life, check out a previous post on The Rule of Four. On this post, I give you a few gift ideas based on the recipients love language.

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