Introverts Aren’t All That Bad!


This is one of my favorite week’s – it’s National Introverts Week! Yes, it’s a pseudo holiday week, but it’s one where every introvert has a chance to educate people about us and who we really are. Each week this week [March 21st – 27th, 2022] I’m sharing posts on my Instagram to help you learn more. Make sure to follow so you don’t miss out!

If you can’t already tell, I’m an introvert. I’m an extroverted introvert. Peace and quiet is my jam! I get overwhelmed when there’s too much going on and too much to do. And stress comes on fast and easy. But at the same time, I still like to have fun, go out and do things and be with the people I hold close. Growing up, I can remember people telling me I was shy, even though they just didn’t understand me. I was always quiet and super independent and called a Book Worm or a nerd. I never let people get too close, either. It’s like I had a wall up, protecting my heart and soul. As an adult, I realize that I was totally fine growing up. I became ok with being an introvert. And I learned a lot!

I’m going to share with you three of the things I learned along the way about introverts. Please know, this is my experience, what I witnessed and what I learned based on how I was treated and what I learned about myself. This is not scientific research or documented by a physician or mental health provider.

How to Tell if Someone is an Introvert?

The simple answer is, sometimes you can’t. There are a lot of introverts out there and although they don’t walk around carrying a sign that says “I am an introvert”, there are a few key identifiers.

  1. People call them shy – Remember I was called shy? People who seem shy can appear closed off and can be hard to get to know. That’s most likely why they come off as shy.
  2. They love independence – It’s their sweet spot. Introverts seek out jobs where they can work alone, schedule time for them to be by themselves and don’t need to lean on someone.
  3. Their batteries drain easily – After conferences or parties with lots of people, their energy drains. Sometimes even plummets. When this happens, they need time to recover.
  4. They are visual learners – I love to learn, but really need to see something in order to do so. Introverts tend to need a presentation or to read about a topic in order to learn.
  5. Alone time is a top priority – Introverts absolutely love alone time! They tend to take solo vacations, long walks by themselves and can even lock themselves away in a room for hours.
  6. Their circle is small – People who tend to be introverted usually know lots of people. But their true friends they keep in a small circle and closer than anyone else.

How to Help an Introvert in the World?

On occasion, introverts may seem a little lost. That’s because much of the world passes judgement against them. Instead of passing judgement, try these tips.

  1. Get to know them – If an introvert feels comfortable with you, they’ll open up and share information (sometimes too much) about them, their wants and dreams and their lives. So ask them questions and take an honest interest in learning about them.
  2. Allow them to have their quiet time – When they say they need space, give it to them. An introvert needs to have a balance between being around people and having their freedom. Without this, they won’t feel like themselves.
  3. Listen first, talk second – Cutting off an introvert, mid-sentence, makes them feel unimportant and like their words don’t matter. Make a point to listen to them, fully, with all ears open.
  4. Let them be who they are – A lot of times, introverts express themselves through fashion, music choices and they use their creativity as a tool to interact. Don’t judge an introvert. Don’t stop them from being free.

What are the Best Ways to Communicate with Introverts?

Communication is something we all have to do. Introverts just have a preferred order of doing it. It’s like of like an order of operations. As you can imagine, text message or email are the best ways to communicate with an introvert. They love these methods because they can take their time, process a response and respond at a time that works for them. Introverts also prefer direct message and snail mail as forms of communication. Direct message works similarly to text or email, but snail mail is a little more special. When someone takes time to write a personal note, an introvert cherishes that act. The last way you’d want to communicate with an introvert is by telephone call. Why? Because they despise talking on the phone UNLESS it’s with someone they consider to be in their inner circle. An introvert would prefer a message written in the sky or even a carrier pigeon over a telephone call.

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