4 ways shungite can improve your life

Shungite is a powerful stone I’ve been working with lately and I want you to know all about it. It has improved my life tremendously and I think it can improve yours too! Below are 4 ways shungite can you improve your life.

What is shungite?

Before I give you the 3 ways shungite can help you, I thought it would make sense for you to know what it even is. Shungite is a black stone that is only found in Russia. In the book Crystal Muse, it’s known as The Neutralizer because it can neutralize bad energy and negative vibes. It can also eliminate impurities. 

What can shungite do for me?

Now that you know what shungite is, you’re probably wondering how it can help you. Well, it can help you in many ways, but I’m going to give you the 4 ways that it has helped me.

Shungite can eliminate hazards that penetrate the body.

I’m starting with this because it can be a big win! Shungite can protect our bodies from having negative energy and impurities enter it. Shungite may have purified water long before we started using carbon or charcoal. By wearing it on or close to our body, it can protect us. You can carry it in your pocket, wear it in your bra or even purchase a piece of jewelry made with this stone. You can even put it in water to help remove the chemicals.  TIP: If you put it in your water, make sure to rinse the stone thoroughly first. The water should run clear after rinsing it.

Shungite can protect us from EMFs.

You have a cell phone that you carry around with you every day, right? What about a computer, do you sit at one regularly? If so, you’re exposing yourself to EMFs or electromagnetic fields. EMFs are fields of energy created by electrically charged items. If you’re around one for too long, your energy can be drained. Keep a piece of shungite near each computer in your home and office. You can even get a shungite sticker to place on the back of your phone for added protection.

Shungite can improve your sleep.

If you’re like the majority of this world, getting the sleep we need is hard to come by. Adding shungite to your bedroom can help improve the quality of your sleep and might even help you fall asleep faster. You can place pieces of shungite in the corners of your room, at the foot of your bed under the mattress and even under your pillow. Placing the stones strategically is key because you can create boundaries for the room and allow your body to be close to the stone to receive its powers.

Shungite improves overall well-being.

Shungite is called The Neutralizer is because it eliminates negativity, heavy feelings, worry and ultimately lifts one’s spirits. Because this stone is a protective stone, it can shift your energy and help you go from having a bad day to having a good one. It can relieve some anxiety when things get tough. And it can help you make a hard decision by removing some of the doubt. Just the fact that it improves well-being is reason enough to have this with you each and every day.

Now that you know a little about shungite, and know 4 ways shungute can improve your life, you probably want to run out and grab a piece for yourself. Look for local holistic stores in your area that sell crystals as these are the best places to find them. You’ll not only be able to grab a piece, you may even get to learn something too.

If you want to learn more, you can read about some of my earlier crystal work. I started with quartz and moonstone, which are two of my other favorites stones. Enjoy!

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