Love the Skin You’re In!

It’s Winter Skin Relief Day and I want to help you celebrate!

If you live in the Northeast, like I do, Winter is upon us. And as it approaches, the temperature outside drop, while the temperatures inside increase. When this happens, the moisture in the air and our bodies deteriorates. Our skin is the largest organism on our bodies and it’s the first to notice there’s an issue. But there are ways we can counteract the drop in moisture.

Avoid long, hot showers – We take long, hot shower more in the winter because it makes us feel good. We have a chance to warm up, but we’re actually causing damage to our cells when we do this. The heat causes inflammation and ultimately causes the dry, cracked and flaky skin. Avoid the temptation and use slightly less hot water.

Find a good cream – To help your skin feel more hydrated, find a good cream or ointment to use daily. The ideal cream or ointment is one that contains good fats and oils (like ceramides) as these are stripped from our skin during the colder temperatures. My personal favorite is a body butter that contains shea butter and natural oils.

Don’t rub your skin – Instead of rubbing, pat it lightly. Rubbing your skin after a shower or bath causes more irritation and will make the skin cells lift. And the inflammation sticks around when we rub our skin because it’s more vigorous. Stay in the bathroom with the humidity and apply the cream or ointment to your skin.

Wear layers – As an asthmatic, I know what it’s like to bundle up in the winter. I normally wear a scarf an a hat before it’s really necessary. But I do that because I’m keeping my body warm and protecting myself from the cold temperatures. Try to make these layers softer, more natural fabrics too. The fibers in your clothing can cause or harm our skin.

Stay hydrated – Make sure to increase your water intake during the winter. It will help you hydrate your body and your skin. Yes, you may have frequent bathroom trips throughout the day, but that means the water is working. Carry a bottle of water with you everywhere so you’re not tempted to drink something else too!

Now that you have the tips to prepare you, you’re ready to fight back this Winter. Keep your body and your skin hydrated this season and it will love you for it.

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